My Inspirations

I have for a long time wondered exactly what it is that inspires me, and my art. I don’t think it is a simple question, and I don’t have a simple answer. Music has never been something that drives my creation. Yes I enjoy music, it is nice as a background sound which helps me focus sometimes, but I cannot list any particular songs or artists that have moved me inspirationally. I enjoy peace and quiet. This is something that I often find outside in nature. So I think the overall most inspirational thing in my life is nature.

grass in the wind

Nature in general is a very broad subject. For example when I say nature people think of trees, grass, wind, and rain. Yes these are all things I love about nature, but it is not just the physical biology of the landscape, it’s the feeling of being in nature. When I have time to get away from the rest of the world it brings peace and quiet to my mind. This escape from reality allows me to concentrate on my own creativity. There is a reason it is called “the GREAT outdoors” and this is because there is something truly great about being in nature. There is a freedom that washes away all of the worries and stress of normal everyday life. This freedom and connection with the world is something that gives me inspiration.

aspens in the fall   I enjoy being away from the bustle, and the noise of the city. I find my solace walking on dirt trails under pine trees with the touch of wind on my cheeks. There is a different quality to time when I am away from society. Minutes, hours, and days pass slower when I am outside and not in front of a computer screen. I am more productive, and more awake. It is as if my senses become more alert when I am alone in the forest. A sort of primal instinct draws me toward the mountains to live away from the city and this is where I feel at peace with myself. Naturally I enjoy being away from the busy schedule of life now and then, however I’m not going to pick upand move into the forest. It’s more of just a comfort to get away for a day and rejuvenate in nature, soaking up all of the inspiration I can and using it to fuel my art.rural landscape

One of the things I notice when I am hiking or camping is how the sunshine creates beautiful natural lighting. As a photographer I am always looking for a good source of light. Getting up before sunrise (while it is hard to do with my normal schedule) allows me to see the most incredible scenes with truly picturesque lighting. It creates bright vibrant colors that reflect off objects in ways normal lighting cannot. Painting the sky and landscape with pastels morning sunlight brings a tonal quality to any image that is taken in the golden hour when the sun is just waking up.  Sunset is also magical lighting phenomenon but to me sunrise is definitely more special. It is a time of the day when people have not quite woken up, and everything is grey and hazy until the first rays of sun peek over the horizon. This natural light is something that cannot be recreated in a studio, and it makes a photograph truly unique.Rice field at daybreak

While my passion for photography is something that I can take with me anywhere my inspirations originate in nature. Be it mountains, forest, or valley, I will always feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by the outdoors.sunrays through tree

Thanks for reading,

All photographs are my own

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