Prices- I like to try and work with a clients budget but here are some of my general prices:

Individual Portrait Session  $100

-45 mins of photography with 10-15 edited images

Couples Portrait $200

-1 hour of photography with 10-20 edited images

Newborn Portrait $300

-1-2 hours of photography with 10-30 edited images, this includes photos with parents & portraits of baby

Group or Family Portrait Session $400

-up to 4 people, 1 hour of photography, 10-20 edited images

Event photography $200 an hour

Wedding photography Packages

Small wedding $600

 -up to 50 people & 4 hours of photography

Midsize wedding $850

-up to 125 people & 5 hours of photography

Large wedding $1,000

-up to 200 people & 6 hours of photography

All wedding packages include a free engagement session after a 20% deposit

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